Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blast from the past

     I think I'll continue down memory lane for today.  Some of the first books I ever purchased for myself were by Mary Stewart and I still have them.  I don't even remember how many times I have reread them.  She wrote quite a bit but let me talk about my two favorites:  My Brother Michael and Nine Coaches Waiting.
     My Brother Michael is set in Greece and is about a young English woman traveling alone.  We meet her in a cafe writing to a friend "Nothing ever happens to me."  The rest is the story, which takes her to Delphi.  There is danger, treachery, murder and romance and somehow this very normal seeming woman manages to deal with it all.
     Nine Coaches Waiting takes you to France, to the French Alps to be exact, and is about a young English woman who conceals her French heritage in order to get a job as a governess.  All the same elements threaten to overtake her as she tries to deal with an exceedingly dysfunctional family.
     I will concede that these books have their old fashioned qualities, but they have recently been reprinted for some good reasons.  They absorb, entertain and transport-let them take you away from your daily aggravations! 

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