Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brain Benders

     I do sometimes search out a book that takes no prisoners to combat the feeling  of strolling around under water.  I have recently found two such.
     First-Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.  I will admit to mostly avoiding Science Fiction for no good reason but this author refuses to stay in any pigeon hole.  Every word he writes is important and you are compelled to miss nothing.  At best, you might miss a chuckle.  At worst, you will miss a big chunk of plot and have to reread.  So just wallow in the prose-Mr. Stephenson doesn't allow you to fret over any mundane bits of your own life.  This book naturally involves an epic struggle between good and evil combined with arcane Sumerian myth, zany humor and barbed comments on the state of this world.  How wonderful to escape into a book that challenges you to keep up and to be able to put it down feeling that you are somehow more than you were.  Save this one for a time when you're not feeling lazy.Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book)
    Then-Identity Theory by Peter Temple.  I just discovered this Australian author and am impatiently waiting for the library to come up with more.  On the surface this looks like a fairly classic European thriller but...oh,my...  The premise is very sophisticated cyber-spying and includes many cat and mouse games.  The characters talk in half sentences and finish each others thoughts but the book is so beautifully put together that there is no confusion.  Not that you know before the end...  This one sizzles and I can't wait for more!Identity Theory  

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