Friday, May 28, 2010

another blast from the past

     I always get a thrill when I discover that a publisher has decided to reissue one of my favorite authors-like maybe I wasn't too crazy to enjoy these books so much.  Recently, this happened with one of my MAJOR favorites-Gwen Bristow.
     Three of her books have been put back into print and my fave remains the first one I read-Celia Garth.  A classmate loaned me this book when I was eleven and it has never lost its attraction.  This is Charleston, South Carolina during the Revolutionary War with all the usual suspects but Celia is special.  She gets nicknamed Sassyface for good reason.  
     Celia is an orphan trying to look after her self by becoming a seamstress but she soon gets caught up in the war by adding spying for Francis Marion to her resume.  The combination of history and real life is irresistible.
     All Bristows books are historical novels that put you right in the middle of the action.  Two others have now been added-Jubilee Trail  and Calico Palace.
Hopefully, her Plantation Trilogy will soon join them.  Nothing seems to make history go down smoother than a cast of believable characters coping with LIFE-and these books can put things into perspective.                              

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